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Contributing and making a difference | alcinoo

I have put my skills to good use, i know. All the projects and people I have contributed to have been transformative and enriching whether in small or big ways.

Probably the biggest project of my life was stumbling on a small NGO in Rio de Janeiro and embarking on what has been a 10 year journey and in the process making the difference that would change destinies.

Sometimes I think whether its possible to contribute that same kind of passion and commitment to any range of clients, but at the end of the day I realize that the passion comes from me and when I agree to take on a job or a project it all depends on me. Sure some may seem more satisfying than others, but really what I have come to see is that I get as much as I put into it.

I have valued most relationships that I have been able to nurture over the span of years. There is a language and an understanding that is developed on the basis of mutual trust and respect. That to me is priceless. But what is also true, is that that kind of commitment and experience, which spawns great work effortlessly, can be translated into relationships that last no more than a single photograph or a simple drawing.


What excited me about joining Toptal Visual Designers Community is the possibility of gaining a bigger momentum and contributing to bigger stories, wider audiences and larger projects. All with the same love for what I do.